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Understanding the Differences of iPad & Tablet

by techbase pakistan 28 Nov 2022
Ipad and Tablet

Understanding the Differences of iPad & Tablet 

Like what the iPhone has done to smartphones, Apple iPads have become the best alternative to tablet PCs. The iPad and its flagship brands have much in common with the different tablets produced by Samsung, Microsoft, and other companies, but also some key features to set them apart. 


Is iPad & Tablet Same?

Tablets are small, portable computers. They are more compact than a laptop yet larger than a smartphone.

Tablets combine features from both devices to create a hybrid device that functions halfway between a phone and a computer.


Every iPad is a tablet computer. Tablet PCs, which include the iPad, are mobile computing devices with touchscreen displays. iPads use a unique operating system known as iPadOS. Newer models now include attachments like a keyboard and mouse.


iOS was used by both the iPhone and the iPad until September 2019, when the iPad was upgraded to iPadOS, a derivation of iOS. iPadOS is comparable to iOS but is designed specifically for iPad tablets.


The iPhone and iPad used iOS until September 2019, when the iPad was upgraded to iPadOS, a derivation of iOS. iPadOS is similar to iOS but is well-optimized for iPad devices.


Most non-Apple tablets run Google's Android OS. However Amazon and Microsoft have popular tablet lines that run Fire OS and Windows, respectively. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Fire HD, and Google Nexus are among them.


What Benefits Does an iPad Have Compared to a Tablet?

The iPad can do many of the same things as other tablets, such as browse the internet, listen to music, view videos, play games, download apps, and so on. However, several features and benefits distinguish iPads from their competitors.


Some of the iPad's strengths are: 


  1. iOS/iPadOS is believed to be more user-friendly than Google's Android OS or even Microsoft Windows.
  2. Apple's App Store is only available for iOS/iPadOS devices and features millions of free and paid programs, many of which are built particularly for the iPad.
  3. Apple's curation and approval procedure is also tough, dramatically lowering the chance of malware-infected programs.
  4. Integration with other Apple products is tight. Through Apple ID, iCloud, and other account features, you can easily exchange data between your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and other Apple devices.
  5. Because of its pressure and tilt sensitivity technologies, Apple Pencil (available separately), and excellent iOS versions of software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, the iPad Pro is perhaps the industry-standard designer tablet.
  6. Simple, clear user interface that has remained unchanged over the years


What Drawbacks Does an iPad Have Compared to a Tablet?

Ironically, many of the features that distinguish the iPad from other tablets are also what limits it. iPad tablets are less customizable and may not integrate as well with non-Apple devices due to Apple's widespread use of proprietary technology and hardware.

Some of the iPad's weaknesses are:

  1. Storage expansion possibilities are limited. iPads, unlike many Android and Microsoft tablets, lack SD or microSD card slots. You're limited to the iPad's internal storage unless you utilize a suitable external drive.
  2. There are no customization options. While the iPad OS is more intuitive in general, Android tablets are geared for customization.
  3. Multitasking. Although iPad models that support iPadOS can run multiple apps simultaneously, older models cannot.
  4. In general, iPads are more expensive than equivalent Android tablets.


iPad vs. Tablet: Which is Better?

While Google has pledged more focus on the tablet experience for Android, Google's focus has been on Android as a smartphone OS. Meanwhile, Apple has only devoted itself to providing a better iPad experience by creating more powerful hardware and an OS dedicated to the iPad.


However, if the iPad remains beyond your reach financially and your uses for it remain typical (web browsing, email, videos), then an Android tablet fits your needs just fine.

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