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Top Five Mobile Accessories To Shop From TECHBASE

by techbase pakistan 28 Nov 2022
mobile phones and accessories

You might prefer other accessories too, but these are some most needed accessories which every person with a smartphone should have. Techbase is the one-stop store for purchasing the best mobile phones and accessories in Pakistan. We assure you all products listed on our website are highly reliable and genuine.

Keep reading this article for some more details on accessories we have and what you should have to maintain your mobile phones. 

Super Fast charger and compatible cable

Nothing is as worse as being unable to capture the most amazing moments when they are supposed to be captured or missing a call and leaving the half-done conversation. This is why you must get a high-quality rapidly charging charger for your mobile phone to stay botherless and busy on your phone for the whole day. 

Nowadays, many smartphone giants such as Apple and Samsung have stopped including original chargers in the box. People, for their convenience, often buy slow charging or less powerful five-watt charging cubes, resulting in longer charging duration and hurting the mobile batteries. Therefore, it is high time to invest in a powerful charger to save your mobile phone’s battery life.

One of the most important advantages of USB-C technology is that it allows for much faster-charging speeds, which is why this type of connection has become generally standardized across modern devices. Of course, you must check that the cable you use with your fast charger, which is usually detachable, can provide additional power to your phone. Furthermore, check what wattage your phone allows to guarantee that you're getting the fastest charging possible on your device. 

Wireless Earbuds

Good earbuds can accompany you with your favorite beats, whether jogging or gyming for your favorite beats. Many of us struggle with the wires and detangling them. These earbuds are way more convenient and hassle-free. They vary in price range, making it an economical purchase.

True wireless earbuds provide unparalleled freedom of movement and an enjoyable listening experience. However, this new technology still has several drawbacks, such as its high prices and short battery life, which is why many still need convincing to grab these.

A Superior Smartphone Case

Your phone is constantly jostled around during its operating lifetime, from bumps and spills to scrapes, scuffs, and flings. The proper case for your durability needs is vital since it helps prevent aesthetic and severe damage, which would otherwise necessitate repairing or replacing your phone.

Smartphone cases were not particularly attractive a few years ago, but patterns and styles have evolved significantly. There are now quality leather folios, bumpers, and near-invisible cases that are ultra thin yet protect against scratches—keeping in mind that many modern cell phones have glass backs that can break or shatter, similar to the screens of these devices.

Travel Charging Adaptors

Are you going abroad? It is vital to know that sources around the world vary. A store in Canada is not the same as one in the United Kingdom; the same is true for certain Asian countries. Having a travel charger or attachable adaptor that meets foreign outlets' design and energy requirements means remaining charged when traveling far from home. Otherwise, if you run out of power, you'll have trouble charging and communicating with others, a risk that's simply not worth taking.

Screen Protector

Screen protectors are not all created equal. Some utilize plastic and feel like a sticker, which is great in a pinch but will only help a little in the event of a more significant drop. Instead, search for tempered glass with a high hardness rating that will not shatter if damaged. If your phone's screen protector is damaged in a fall, it should shatter in one solid piece, similar to a spiderweb, while preventing any harm to the screen. Check the cut-outs on your screen protector to ensure they don't hide microphone holes, selfie cameras, or other similar components that some phones have integrated in their displays.

To learn more about our available must-have cell phone accessories or buy mobile phones online, visit our website and find the right pick for yourself.

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