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How do you spend less money on a Quality Smart Phone in Pakistan?

by techbase pakistan 31 Jan 2023
How do you spend less money on a Quality Smart Phone in Pakistan?

Buying a smartphone is one of the most confusing tasks a person can do. At home, you decide on purchasing a specific smartphone, but when you visit a shop, you buy a different one thanks to the hundreds of smartphones you're surrounded with.

You want to spend less money on purchasing a smartphone, but at the same time, you want the best of the lot. For that, let's understand how to buy a good smartphone without burning a hole in your pocket.

Get a smartphone from the manufacturer directly. 

The best way to purchase a smartphone for less cost is to buy directly from the manufacturer.

A few mobile phones, such as iPhone or HTC One X, typically sell SIM-free when purchased from their authorized websites. Although buying a smartphone directly from the manufacturer may seem pricey initially, additional benefits include the following:

  • Having twice the storage.
  • Getting easy support.
  • A guarantee of returns.
  • The brand's reliability.

Buy from a mobile operator.

If you want a SIM-free handset, purchase it directly from the manufacturer or via an internet store. However, you can buy a smartphone from a mobile provider if you want to purchase the device and pay for a plan. Most carriers include free phones with their goals, but the drawback is that you might have to sign a binding two-year contract.

Purchase from online websites

Techbase is one of the most popular websites for buying a smartphone online at the most original price and quality.

To save money, buy a smartphone online, especially if you can access coupons, vouchers, or discount codes. Comparing pricing is possible; online vendors typically provide mobile phones at lower costs than other suppliers.

Go for an installment.

When purchasing a smartphone, inquire about installment plans to save money with your carrier. Most provide options for signing a two-year contract and paying for your new equipment in monthly installments. Ensure there are no activation or upgrade fees.

Select the right OS for your smartphone.

When purchasing a smartphone, your primary concern should be your needs as a mobile phone user, not simply cost-effectiveness. The proper operating system is among the most crucial factors to take into account in this. Your top three choices for operating systems are Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

Have an eye for the best smartphone deals.

In September, new smartphones are typically unveiled by Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony. Remember that carriers usually push you to sign two-year contracts to receive the most recent smartphone model from a manufacturer. You may find the most recent Samsung mobile phone at a reduced price if you wait three or six months after it is released.

Don't consider unnecessary features.

Skip on that great phone with the 20-megapixel camera if you still need an Insta-account or take aesthetics. Overlook the things you might not utilize but will cost more in the long run to save money.

Only buy a phone with excellent battery life.

There's no logic behind having a phone with tons of GB of data in your mobile browsing plan if your smartphone's battery lasts only for a while. Check your smartphone's power after just one charge to get the most for your money. A smartphone with a 3,000 mAh battery life is an excellent standard to aim for, as it will provide you with more than 13 hours of power.

Recycle old smartphones

Think about recycling your old smartphone. Use websites enabling recycling, selling, and buying your old phone if you want to update it and it's in decent condition.

Stay within your budget on smartphone plans; Check for what you require.

Get a mobile plan that offers unlimited SMS if you want to text instead of call. Look for a plan with ample phone minutes for your monthly consumption if you frequently call your contacts. If you use mobile browsing less regularly, you will have to pay more for unlimited data. Remember that you should only pay for the services or products you use; otherwise, you won't be able to save any money.

Techbase is highly reliable when buying mobile phones online in Pakistan. We deal in various brands such as VIVO, Apple, Samsung, Infinix, Oppo, Techno, Xiaomi, and Realme. Now you can buy your favorites at the right price

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